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read books in two languages simultaneously on your tablet
or smartphone


Reading books in a new learned language can be very exhausting if you have to look up all the new words.

We want to give you an easy way to read books in a foreign tongue.

how a Bili Book works

In Bili Book apps you have two booktexts in two different language on you screen.

These texts will synchronize automatically; that means if you move the text position of one text, in the other screen the text will move automatically to this position.

You can mark a sentence and in both language versions this sentence and some corresponding words will be marked in the same color.

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Right now we have only Bili Books for android smartphones and tablets.

Our software team is working on the Bili Book version for the iPhone plattform.

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List of Bili-Books

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Sherlock Holmes #1 - The man with the twisted lip (english-spanish)

  • The Canterville Ghost

  • Sherlock Holmes #2 - The Beryl Coronet (english-spanish)

  • Sherlock Holmes #3 - The Noble Bachelor (english-spanish)

  • Sherlock Holmes #4 - The Red-Headed League (english-spanish)

  • Sherlock Holmes #5 - The Six Napoleons (english-german)