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Reading books in a new learned language can be very exhausting if you have to look up all the new words.

We want to give you an easy way to read books in a foreign tongue.

the bilibook edition

In bilibook-editions the text is displayed alternately sentence by sentence in both languages.

In addition, some words are marked so you can quickly find them in the translation text.

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You can find bilibook editions at your favorite online bookstore.

Some titles are now also available as paperback.

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List of Bili-Books

  • Alice in Wonderland (Spanish-English)

  • The Canterville Ghost (Spanish-English)

  • Sherlock Holmes - The man with the twisted lip (Spanish-English)

  • Sherlock Holmes - The Beryl Coronet (Spanish-English)

  • Sherlock Holmes - The Noble Bachelor (Spanish-English)

  • Sherlock Holmes - The Red-Headed League (Spanish-English)

  • Sherlock Holmes - The Engineers Thumb (Spanish-English)

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